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Blended Learning FAQ

What is included with enrollment in the blended program?

Each enrolled student will receive a computer for their educational use, full access to our Garaway community, and access to any educational service to meet their educational goals.

What grades levels are offered in the blended program?

We feature a full online 7-12 curriculum for our students.

What extracurricular options are available to my student?

Garaway blended students are able to take part in all of the extracurricular programs offered at Garaway Local Schools. We offer a successful variety of programs and believe that involvement in extracurricular activities shapes a complete student.  We want our students to be involved.

What subjects will my student be expected to study in the blended program?

Our students will meet the Ohio graduation requirements just like any other Garaway student. We will also offer elective courses to enhance their learning experiences. Once again, our curriculum will be flexible and tailored to individual family values and needs.

Will my child receive a regular diploma?

Yes. blended students will receive the same diploma as any Garaway student. Our aim with the blended division of Garaway Local Schools is to customize and individualize options for our students for the best possible educational experience in a growing technological world.

Are the online courses NCAA approved?
Some guidelines as to whether this will apply to your situation:
1.  Must presently be a 9-12 (high school student).  Or a student in 7-8 taking a core high school course virtually.
2.  Must be involved in athletics.
3.  Must have plans to participate at the D1 or D2 collegiate level.
4.  Are presently taking the majority of your schedule in blended program (online) courses as a blended student and/or taking core courses (ELA, math, science, social studies, Spanish 1-4) in the blended program.
If all four guidelines apply to your situation, please understand that our online courses do not comply according to NCAA guidelines. Families should have a conversation with the admissions office of the selected university of choice prior to enrolling in the blended program.  Our online courses are accredited for graduation from high school and for athletic participation at the high school level.  If the plan is to participate in collegiate athletics in D1 and D2, understand that core courses are recommended to be taken in the traditional school setting at Garaway.
Will support be available for my child?

Garaway has a learning lab designed to assist students during school hours of operation that is monitored by Garaway staff.  Students are encouraged to take advantage of our tutoring services either virtually or in-person. These options are free of charge and available to any Garaway student.

Will my child have the opportunity to customize their learning experiences?

Absolutely. We will help to assess your child’s abilities and place them in the appropriate classes that challenge them accordingly according to state mandates. We aim to be flexible and accommodating for your child’s learning needs within our staffing capabilities.

Will the computer be the only source of learning?

We encourage our students to get involved in the Garaway community and our parents to be involved in their child’s learning experiences. We want the computer to be an innovative part of learning, not the absolute source of learning. We value technology as a tool to enhance learning but we also value and encourage personal relationships and social skills involved in the educational process. We encourage students to also take part in additional learning through our extracurricular options and activities available to students.

Will my child be able to work at his/her own pace?

Our program is designed to be individualized in order to meet each student’s needs. We will expect our students to keep up with assignments, but there are opportunities for flexible education. All virtual students will be monitored by a Garaway staff member with the intention of checking in on the student and to build a solid relational connection to Garaway.

Are lab times mandatory?

According to Ohio HB 110 passed in July 2021, the definition of a blended student was modified in terms of attendance at school.  Per the bill, blended students must be educated primarily in a staff-monitored location away from the home.  In compliance with state law, students must attend the 7-12 building for a majority of the scheduled school calendar days.

What options are available for my child?

Students must attend the lab as per HB 110.  Students have the option to take part in extracurricular activities as well as clubs/organizations within the school.  Students are welcome to schedule elective options into their schedule offered in the school building.  Students are welcome to take part in the CC+ program, vocational options, and credit flexibility options as situations allow.

Is my child required to participate in state testing?

The Ohio Department of Education requires that students successfully complete graduation requirements as set forth by state law.  Per these mandates, students are required to participate in state testing as outlined by the ODE.